Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Skunk Update

The skunk smell is (mostly) gone! Here is what worked:

The Seeking Solace and Internet recommended dawn/peroxide/baking soda trifecta worked to lessen the smell enough to let Orion back in the house, but a de-skunk treatment from the groomer took it almost completely out, though they did warn us that when he gets wet again the smell may return a bit. 

The laundry combo of Method detergent and a vinegar prerinse took the smell out of our clothes and Orion's bedding.

The ONLY thing that worked on my carpets was this gem from the pet store:

As for getting the smell out of the air and house in general I used essential oils in my diffuser. It took a few days of diffusing but good old Purify (a favorite blend of mine) got it out. I also added Purify to my soap to get the smell out of my hair and skin. 

I am SO glad this ordeal is over. Do you think there is ANY chance at all Orion learned his lesson and will stay clear of the neighborhood skunks??? Fingers crossed. 

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  1. I hope Orion has learned his lesson about keeping away from the skunks. Sorry about all the trouble you had to go through to get rid of the smell.