Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Birthday #2

Eli turned two last month and as is customary he got a party. Now in my first time mom stupidity I asked him what he wanted his party to be (I totally should have taken advantage of getting to choose his theme another year. Ah well). 

He chose trains. Not Thomas. Just good old trains. I went to Pinterest and tried to deliver. 

NJhusband made this sign. Eli LOVED it and we even had neighbors coming over to see where we got it. This is actually version 2 since I had to burst NJhusbands bubble at 3am one night when I noticed he had spelled birthday wrong. Poor guy. 

He enjoyed his party but I stupidly scheduled it during nap time so he fell asleep in NJhusbands arms briefly!

We had his music teacher come do a music class during his party and it was a HIT with all the kids. Seriously the best money I spent. 

It was a great party and he had fun. I can't believe he is two now! It goes too fast. 

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