Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Thank you

Thank you to all the veterans who have served. Thank you to the spouses and families that support them at home. 

There aren't enough words to express my gratitude at the sacrifices you and your families make. 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Birthday #2

Eli turned two last month and as is customary he got a party. Now in my first time mom stupidity I asked him what he wanted his party to be (I totally should have taken advantage of getting to choose his theme another year. Ah well). 

He chose trains. Not Thomas. Just good old trains. I went to Pinterest and tried to deliver. 

NJhusband made this sign. Eli LOVED it and we even had neighbors coming over to see where we got it. This is actually version 2 since I had to burst NJhusbands bubble at 3am one night when I noticed he had spelled birthday wrong. Poor guy. 

He enjoyed his party but I stupidly scheduled it during nap time so he fell asleep in NJhusbands arms briefly!

We had his music teacher come do a music class during his party and it was a HIT with all the kids. Seriously the best money I spent. 

It was a great party and he had fun. I can't believe he is two now! It goes too fast. 

Thursday, November 5, 2015

A Cooking ASSumption

I've been seeing recipes for overnight oats online for years. Even though NJhusband and I LOVE oats (Eli is allergic), I've never looked into any of the recipes. I assumed overnight oats meant cooking them all night! 

It wasn't until I caught the newest episode of Pioneer Woman on the Food Network today where she made overnight oats that I realized my HUGE mistake. 

Needless to say I will be making overnight oats a TON now! All you do is add oats, milk and toppings and soak them overnight. So easy and healthy!

Am I the only late to the overnight oats party?

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Skunk Update

The skunk smell is (mostly) gone! Here is what worked:

The Seeking Solace and Internet recommended dawn/peroxide/baking soda trifecta worked to lessen the smell enough to let Orion back in the house, but a de-skunk treatment from the groomer took it almost completely out, though they did warn us that when he gets wet again the smell may return a bit. 

The laundry combo of Method detergent and a vinegar prerinse took the smell out of our clothes and Orion's bedding.

The ONLY thing that worked on my carpets was this gem from the pet store:

As for getting the smell out of the air and house in general I used essential oils in my diffuser. It took a few days of diffusing but good old Purify (a favorite blend of mine) got it out. I also added Purify to my soap to get the smell out of my hair and skin. 

I am SO glad this ordeal is over. Do you think there is ANY chance at all Orion learned his lesson and will stay clear of the neighborhood skunks??? Fingers crossed. 

The World Needs Your Story

"You are the only you in existence. The world needs your story" - Crystal Paine, Money Making Mom

After the birth of Eli I completely lost my sense of self. I wore the same clothes to the store that I wore to bed the night before. I didn't feel like I was successful at anything anymore. Having a baby was like having the worst boss ever. He was rarely satisfied with anything I did and the praise was few and far between. 

2 years later I am still making my way back to "me". 

As I started reading Money Making Mom, I felt the wheels starting to turn in my brain again. I started reminiscing about interests and hobbies that had gone by the wayside in recent years. The book is a major brainstorm session (and sometimes even a little therapy!) for finding your passion and earning income along the way. Crystal Paine, a self made entrepreneur, mentors you along each step of building yourself and your business ups and downs. 

I am a stay at home mom to our son. My husband and I feel that for our family this is the right decision and we are blessed to be able to afford it, even though it means making some sacrifices. Money Making Mom got me thinking about how we can be a better financial model for Eli. My parents and grandparents instilled great financial advice onto me, but NJhusband had a completely different upbringing and no such models. We talk a lot about what we want to teach Eli about finances but we are not always the best at putting it into practice. 

Money Making Mom focuses a lot on earning in order to give back. "Live simply so that others can simply live" is one of my biggest takeaway quotes from the book. NJhusband and I have always sponsored a local family at the holidays, but our monthly budget doesn't allow for much giving throughout the year. The ideas and advice Crystal provides could open that avenue for us more. 

My mind is so much more open since I read this book. I always assumed I just needed to focus on raising Eli and his needs but I'm seeing now that there is a balance that I can achieve. Not just in relation to money, but also within myself. 

Money Making Mom is available starting today on Amazon. Also check out Crystal's website, 

I was provided an advance copy of Money Making Mom for my review, but I was not financially compensated in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations and thoughts while reading the book. 

Monday, November 2, 2015

Trick or Treat

This was the first Halloween Eli started to "get" the concept. He still preferred to just run around the neighborhood with his cauldron instead of stopping to trick or treat but he did enjoy his dinosaur costume and attending his first Halloween party. We also went to an event in New York called the Great Blaze which he LOVED. It's thousands of jack o lanterns carved into various designs. It truly was amazing and I'm so glad we got tickets. The photos just don't do it justice. 

As usual NJhusband and I went Pinterest crazy. I made rice crispy pumpkins and ghost pizza and he carved an amazing Peppa Pig pumpkin. 

Hopefully everyone had an enjoyable Halloween. Dozens of kids ringing the doorbell was NOT Orion's favorite part of the day but the rest of us enjoyed it. LOL