Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Today I am Thankful for....

Today we are thankful for the existence of the poison control hotline. 

It's been a nail biter of a few days around here. Monday night Eli decided to have a "salad" and eat the leaves off my calla lily plant in our living room. 

After finding him munching them I promptly yelled to him to spit it out which of course led to him shoving a whole other leaf in his mouth. Toddlers. 

I quickly googled to see if it was a toxic plant and got confusing results so I decided a call to poison control was in order.

Poison control was stumped too so she put me on hold while she checked with the poison experts and 4 minutes later comes back with a "highly toxic" diagnosis. Apparently this plant is akin to eating fiberglass and irritates the throat and stomach. 

Thankfully he didn't eat enough to severely hurt himself. After a poison control ordered dinner of popcicles and milk, he was feeling better. He ended up with an itchy throat and was hoarse for a day or so. I suppose this is the first of many "Life with Boys" incidents I will have  throughout my life as a boy mom. Hopefully they all have as good of an outcome as this one. 

Send wine. Or Gin. 

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