Thursday, August 6, 2015


The 157 Republicans who want to run in 2016 are debating tonight. I like to consider myself an educated voter. I do my research and even though I am a registered Democrat, I always watch the debates and research the candidates from all party affiliations before making my choices. 

I just can't get myself geared up yet this year nationally. Normally I am all over politics, local, state, national, international, I love it all. There is a lot of local dissension happening where I live now. NJ husband's job prevents me from volunteering or donating unfortunately but I do pay attention and always cast an educated vote. 

I hope all the political parties can figure out their candidates and strategies before the election rolls around. Right now the election is feeling a little like audition tapes for Survivor: Washington DC. 

Actually that's not a bad idea. Let's send them all to an island and see who makes it back without the use of their private jet, GPS technology, political connections or military. 

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