Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Best Laid Plans

Is that the phrase? What does it even mean??

My last post was full of hubris. I was going to take a mommy vacation and I was going to make it good. 

Unfortunately nothing worked out as planned. My mom became very ill while she was here and was in and out of the hospital. She still isn't better and the doctors don't know why so it's been a frustrating, stressful and bizarre week. 

Complaining about errands that are still undone, a house that is still not clean, laundry that has piled up and a much anticipated hair appointment that was cancelled all seems ridiculous now. My mind instead races about how precious time with our loved ones is and a nagging reminder in my head that I haven't been to the doctor for myself since Eli was born. 

Moms - we need to take care of ourselves too. I'm guilty of downing that extra cup or two of coffee and pushing through a day or week until I literally run myself into the ground. 

I think tonight I will leave the dishes in the sink until morning and instead add an extra 20 minutes of rest or reading to my day. The dishes aren't going anywhere and I want to make sure I'm not either!

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