Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Recently I accepted the fact that I will likely not fit into my prepregnancy clothes. It's been almost two years and it was just time.  I went through my closet and took every single thing out that didn't currently fit. I had been keeping a lot of "later" clothes to the point where I literally had nothing that DID fit yet I had a completely full closet. 

Sadly, now I have an almost completely empty closet. My body shape changed and even though the size of clothes didn't change too much, my old stuff just doesn't fit or isn't flattering anymore. 

So on to new things. I'm trying to pick pieces more mindfully and only add things I love but I still do mourn the loss of some old favorites and my old body. I'm definitely not comfortable with it and have been making some health changes lately but it was time to rid the closet of those old items. I have a new life and my needs and style has evolved with that. Closet clean out was the first step towards the complete acceptance of that. 

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