Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Best Laid Plans

Is that the phrase? What does it even mean??

My last post was full of hubris. I was going to take a mommy vacation and I was going to make it good. 

Unfortunately nothing worked out as planned. My mom became very ill while she was here and was in and out of the hospital. She still isn't better and the doctors don't know why so it's been a frustrating, stressful and bizarre week. 

Complaining about errands that are still undone, a house that is still not clean, laundry that has piled up and a much anticipated hair appointment that was cancelled all seems ridiculous now. My mind instead races about how precious time with our loved ones is and a nagging reminder in my head that I haven't been to the doctor for myself since Eli was born. 

Moms - we need to take care of ourselves too. I'm guilty of downing that extra cup or two of coffee and pushing through a day or week until I literally run myself into the ground. 

I think tonight I will leave the dishes in the sink until morning and instead add an extra 20 minutes of rest or reading to my day. The dishes aren't going anywhere and I want to make sure I'm not either!

Saturday, August 15, 2015


My parents arrived for a 10 day stay. 10 glorious days of help with laundry, cooking, cleaning and childcare. I'm so happy I may cry. 

I don't get these times often (my parents live on the other side of the country) so I'm soaking up every minute of help I can.

NJhuaband gave me a spa gift card for my birthday I haven't used yet. I may just get myself cut, polished and massaged all day long. 


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Today I am Thankful for....

Today we are thankful for the existence of the poison control hotline. 

It's been a nail biter of a few days around here. Monday night Eli decided to have a "salad" and eat the leaves off my calla lily plant in our living room. 

After finding him munching them I promptly yelled to him to spit it out which of course led to him shoving a whole other leaf in his mouth. Toddlers. 

I quickly googled to see if it was a toxic plant and got confusing results so I decided a call to poison control was in order.

Poison control was stumped too so she put me on hold while she checked with the poison experts and 4 minutes later comes back with a "highly toxic" diagnosis. Apparently this plant is akin to eating fiberglass and irritates the throat and stomach. 

Thankfully he didn't eat enough to severely hurt himself. After a poison control ordered dinner of popcicles and milk, he was feeling better. He ended up with an itchy throat and was hoarse for a day or so. I suppose this is the first of many "Life with Boys" incidents I will have  throughout my life as a boy mom. Hopefully they all have as good of an outcome as this one. 

Send wine. Or Gin. 

Thursday, August 6, 2015


The 157 Republicans who want to run in 2016 are debating tonight. I like to consider myself an educated voter. I do my research and even though I am a registered Democrat, I always watch the debates and research the candidates from all party affiliations before making my choices. 

I just can't get myself geared up yet this year nationally. Normally I am all over politics, local, state, national, international, I love it all. There is a lot of local dissension happening where I live now. NJ husband's job prevents me from volunteering or donating unfortunately but I do pay attention and always cast an educated vote. 

I hope all the political parties can figure out their candidates and strategies before the election rolls around. Right now the election is feeling a little like audition tapes for Survivor: Washington DC. 

Actually that's not a bad idea. Let's send them all to an island and see who makes it back without the use of their private jet, GPS technology, political connections or military. 

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Recently I accepted the fact that I will likely not fit into my prepregnancy clothes. It's been almost two years and it was just time.  I went through my closet and took every single thing out that didn't currently fit. I had been keeping a lot of "later" clothes to the point where I literally had nothing that DID fit yet I had a completely full closet. 

Sadly, now I have an almost completely empty closet. My body shape changed and even though the size of clothes didn't change too much, my old stuff just doesn't fit or isn't flattering anymore. 

So on to new things. I'm trying to pick pieces more mindfully and only add things I love but I still do mourn the loss of some old favorites and my old body. I'm definitely not comfortable with it and have been making some health changes lately but it was time to rid the closet of those old items. I have a new life and my needs and style has evolved with that. Closet clean out was the first step towards the complete acceptance of that. 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


It's been over a year since my last post! We moved into our new home and have been slowly making it ours. Eli is almost 2! I'm still attempting to navigate motherhood and life balance. To be honest the first two years of motherhood have been a challenge and only now do I have at least a few moments of feeling capable and competent at life again. 

I've missed writing and reading your own life stories! Comment with your blog links so I can catch up with everyone again!