Friday, June 27, 2014


It is still early in the season, but so far I've been able to make (nutless) pesto from our bumper crop of basil and currently simmering on the stove is the first batch of red wine tomato sauce from the tomato plants. I LOVE cooking from the garden. I feel like it's shopping for free! 

In other food news, Eli has been on solids for a few months now. He eats nearly everything. So far the only food he has refused several times is avocados. Maybe when he is old enough for guacamole he will change his tune. His favorite food is peaches, which is crazy because both NJhusband and I both hate peaches! He is having trouble transitioning to food in its real form, he likes purees only. He only has two teeth so we aren't pushing it. 

Hopefully in the new house I can learn to garden. My mother in law is the one who grows the herbs and veggies in our current house so hopefully she can give me some tips. 

Anyone else eating from their garden yet?

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