Monday, June 2, 2014

My Kid Doesn't Sleep

This kid may kill me. He has never been a napper. For months he has only napped twice a day for 20 minutes on average. 

Nights used to be better, but lately the separation anxiety phase has kicked in so he no longer will sleep at ALL alone. He will ONLY sleep if I hold him and I can't sleep with him in my arms so I don't sleep. Ever.

And our babysitter quit.

People. I know this is a massively whiney post, but I'm lost. I've got zero help and a kid that does NOT sleep. My parents visited recently and even my mom was absolutely shocked at how little this kid can sleep. 

Cry it out wasn't something we felt was for us, but we tried it. 

And he NEVER STOPPED CRYING. Like...ever. 

Please send Gin. I already have the limes.

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