Thursday, June 26, 2014


8 months in as a mom and I kinda sorta maybe feel like I'm getting the hang of it. Some days. Naps are still a challenge and I fear he will never be a good sleeper, but progress is being made and I don't feel like hiding in my car quite as much as I used to. 

So its the perfect time to move then right?

We were kind of sort of looking for a bigger space, but were really thinking of moving next year. And then of course our Realtor showed us a house we both loved that was in our price range in the absolute perfect neighborhood.  So the past few weeks have been filled with inspections, appraisals, mortgage companies wanting just one more (or twenty) pieces of paper and LOTS of nail biting. We are SLOWLY inching towards being (second) homeowners (we are keeping the 3 family home we already own and renting it out). 

It's not a fixer-upper, it just needs some cosmetic updates and a few upgrades. FULLY expect this blog to become a DIY/home improvement blog in the coming months if this sale goes through. I have BIG plans for almost every room in the house. 

Part of me thinks we are crazy for doing this with a baby and a dog, and we probably are, but hopefully it will be a bit fun too. 

Fingers crossed!

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