Monday, April 21, 2014

First Easter

If the mark of a good holiday is how exhausted mama is, then I think we can consider E's first Easter a success!

Poor guy wasn't feeling 100% after his shots and doctors appointment on Friday, but he hung in there and seemed to enjoy the toys in his basket and getting to be outside a bit. We didn't make it to church since he was cranky, but he did get his first taste of solids (organic sweet potatoes) and later on I made spinach lasagna rollups and adorable brownie "nests" for the grownups. We dyed eggs, but E missed craft time due to an unplanned nap. He's still not feeling 100% today. He had a minor procedure on Friday that is still causing him discomfort. Overall though it was a good, albeit exhausting weekend!

Hope you had a happy weekend filled with family and food! 


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