Wednesday, April 23, 2014

6 Months! Solids!

This first week of solids with E has been SO fun. Seeing his reactions to new tastes has been funny. Today we had our first outright refusal of a food. In his defense he did hang in there for 6 or so bites and keep trying it, but every time he made the "OMG Mom are you trying to poison me" face. Finally he threw in the towel and refused to open his mouth. I told my husband E didn't take to yellow squash and he said "I don't blame him". I felt bad he didn't like it, he seems to LOVE eating with the spoon and was genuinely disappointed when squash was all there was. Tomorrow I'll go back to sweet potato or banana and then try something new again. We aren't pushing food at this point. I'm taking cues from him and we are just exploring tastes. Soon enough he will be eating me out of house and home so I'm in no rush!

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