Monday, March 10, 2014

Holidays...Now All Year Long

In my pre-kid life, my holiday season ended with New Years. I started with Thanksgiving, moved on to gatherings with extended family for Christmas and then rounded out the holiday season with champagne at midnight.

Now that we have E, I feel the urge to extend the season and acknowledge the "color" holidays. I feel like I should be making pink and red cookies for Valentine's Day, wear green for St. Patrick's Day and break out the pastels for Easter. Not to mention the red, white and blue of July 4th.  I don't know if I'll go all Pinterest crazy and start decorating or making special meals for each, but I think we will somehow make each of the days special.

The bug has already hit me. I couldn't resist a recent Land's End sale where I snatched up this personalized canvas bucket to use as E's Easter basket:

Though I may need Pinterest to tell me what to put in it. 

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