Monday, February 10, 2014

Almost 4 Months

Things I know about Eli at (almost) 4 months old:

He doesn't give up smiles easily, but will ALWAYS give them up for his Daddy.

He MUST fall asleep to white noise. Even in the hospital we had a portable white noise machine for him. It is the only way he will fall asleep. 

He likes to have a blankie or burp cloth touching his face. NJhusband claims I "taught" him this since I always sleep with a blanket on my face (and coincidentally so does Orion) but I think he just came that way!

He likes riding in the car or stroller. He is very observatory and likes being out in the world, but he's also very cautious. He is "chatty" and flails all around at home, but when we are out he is quiet and reserved and likes to look at his surroundings. 

He isn't a crier, but he is a complainer. He rarely gets into a fully blown cry, instead he prefers to "talk" and voice his complaints that way. He is very emphatic about his complaints and likes to fully explain them. I will try to get a good video of it. It is hilarious.

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