Tuesday, January 28, 2014


I'm slowly being driven crazy by the constant sound of dripping water and the vacuum. Seriously solitary confinement has NOTHING on the near constant presents of competing sounds.

Our pipes have a tendency to freeze. It's a section behind all our kitchen cabinets and granite tile backsplash so getting at it to do a permanent solution means tearing out my beautiful kitchen so we opt for the destroy the planet method which is to leave our faucet running when the temps dip below freezing. 

The recent polar vortex means that pretty much we are running water constantly these days. drip. drip. drip......ALL. DAY AND NIGHT LONG.

Also, baby E struggles with sleep and the ONLY thing that gets him off to sleep is the sound of the vacuum. NJhusband recorded 15 minutes of vacuuming on my iphone so several times a day I have to listen to our Dyson amongst the dripping.  

I am slowly being driven to insanity. I can only hope it is quiet there....

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