Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Maybe Tomorrow

I'm 11 weeks into this new baby thing. One thing that has surprised me at how both predictable AND unpredictable the days are. I know he's going to eat every 3ish hours. I know he's probably going to take 2ish naps, but besides that we just kind of wing it.

There are days like yesterday where I am able to strip our bed and wash all our sheets and towels AND make sweet chili meatballs for dinner. These are the days I feel with it and confident I can do this.

Then there are the other days. The days like today where both Eli and I are sobbing by the time NJhusband comes home, there is no dinner, the dog desperately needs to go out, nobody has any clean clothes and getting stuck in the rain is my only means of getting a shower.

Those are the days where I just have to look around the house and say "maybe tomorrow".

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