Tuesday, January 7, 2014


I still am not entirely sure why tiny clothes add up to SO MUCH LAUNDRY, but they do. Back when I was single and living in NYC, I made the journey to the laundromat, no joke, once a month. These days I'm doing laundry nearly every day. Baby clothes, dog blankets, our clothes, towels, bedding. It never ends! Thankfully we have laundry in our house so I don't have to carry it all outside anymore. Major kudos to the NYC moms who have to do this. I bow down to you and your clean clothes.

I have a lot of skin sensitivities so I wanted to make sure to get a detergent that was going to be baby-friendly for Eli's clothes. After a lot of research and testing, we decided to go with Babyganics for his clothes. Their stain remover is AMAZEBALLS. It has even gotten out OLD stains on our clothes. My mom, who constantly mocks me for my organic and "natural" products constantly is even a convert. They sell it at some Targets and Babies R Us. In fact Babies R Us has a buy 1 get 1 free sale right now. I had $10 in reward points to use, so I scored a laundry detergent and got a free stain remover, all for the grand total of $2.95 out of pocket! I love a good deal!

Babyganics has NO clue who I am, I just am in love LOVE with this product and thought I would share with my fellow laundry do-ers. 

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