Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Things that Should be On a Baby Registry

I had the diapers, the wipes, the baby bottles and the cute toys covered. I carefully added them to my registry and shopped for the deals. What the books DIDN'T tell you to add were:

- A hands free headset for your phone. I seriously LIVE in my iphone headphones with the built in microphone. I wouldn't be able to talk on the phone otherwise!

- A crockpot.  Eli sleeps mostly during the morning hours and is fussier around the dinner hours  If I can get a meal going in the morning it really makes life much easier!

- A manicure set for me.  I was never one for keeping my nails up.  Now I have to keep them filed or else I scratch him.  

- A dry erase board. We are so sleep deprived we can NEVER remember when Eli ate last! We always write down the time and amount of his last feeding so we know when to guess if he might be hungry. 

A little unconventional, but these are for SURE registry must haves!

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