Monday, October 28, 2013


- I miss my wedding rings. They still don't fit after having Eli and I'm terrified they will never go back on. One of them is an infinity band and I'm not sure it can easily (if at all!) be re-sized. 

- I find myself having carseat phobia. Every picture anyone ever posts on social media of their kid in a carseat gets the carseat mom-fia in a tizzy and I'm terrified of doing it wrong. Also, he is so teeny, I'm afraid of hurting him or getting it too tight. Eventually I will have to do it, but for now NJhusband is on carseat duty.

- This lack of sleep thing is no joke, yet I still can't force myself into bed when the baby is sleeping. Also both NJhusband and I are sleeping with our glasses on so that we can look over easily at the baby and make sure he is still breathing in the middle of the night. We are SOOO first timers.

- The fancy Cuisinart coffee maker NJhusband bought me as my "push" er rather c-section present is a gamer changer. It completely changes the flavor of the coffee for the better. It makes amazeballs coffee. 

- I need to take more pictures of Eli. Between feeding, changing and attempting to get him to sleep, I haven't snapped as many pics of him as I'd like. Major photo bomb coming soon, I promise!

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