Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Last 3 Weeks

These are my last 3 weeks of pregnancy. I'm limited by my (lack of) endurance so most of my days are spent reading, online shopping and watching TV. I venture out of the house once a week for my doctor's appointment and that's about it. 

Things I love about the last 3 weeks:

- Everyone ALWAYS answers your phone calls! 
- Since I'm still on the low weight gain spectrum, I can eat whatever I want!
- Even though I get bored, I'm enjoying having some nice relaxation time before we add a little one to the mix.

Things I don't love all that much:

- The major uptick in anxiety about labor/delivery. Especially since my therapist has chosen the next two weeks to go on vacation!
- Reading signs into ANY minor pang or potential labor sign. I sent NJhusband into a tailspin the other day with a false alarm. Oops!
- The constant uncomfortableness. I have been VERY lucky to not have any major symptoms or complications, but it is hard to sleep or sit without SOMETHING hurting.

I can't believe I made it this far...the weeks have just ticked by. I'm still plagued by intense panic over the birth process and hospital stay. I'm trying to get into a "it is going to happen so just relax about it" mindset, but it's tough. I'm hoping the excitement over his arrival trumps the terror in the end. 

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