Thursday, September 26, 2013

I've Had Enough.

Had my weekly doctor's appointment today and I'm STILL MEASURING TOO DAMN SMALL. 

I'm afraid to go back and look at how many weeks it has been of them telling me that the baby is small for fear of having a third trimester melt down. So back we go for another growth scan to check on the baby to make sure he is still getting bigger. Back we go to restless nights of worry and googling scary things like fetal growth restriction. 

I don't know if I have motherly instincts or not yet, but my gut tells me nothing is wrong with him, it's just the genetics of my body type and his body type, but the worry is still there. I want to take that measuring tape they use and toss it out the hospital window. 

So back we go to the ultrasound place to check his growth. The first place I called didn't have any openings until after my due date, but they were nice enough to give me the name of a second place to call once I explained that by the time my appointment would come around they could probably just weigh him in person using a scale. 

We go next Tuesday to check him out. Fingers and toes and paws are crossed for a healthy, big (but not too big!) baby!


  1. I just wanted to check in to see how you were doing! I hope you are feeling more at ease with measurements and everything. In my opinion, they are very arbitrary. I think it's funny in the first place to literally have ONE method of measuring fetal growth for EVERY woman in the world. Women are all different sizes and so are their children so I always thought it was amazing how there's only one general way to decide if the baby is growing or not. My personal experience with measurements were that they are pretty meaningless, especially if you know your body type. For instance, I measured progressively smaller in the last four weeks of my pregnancy so that the doctor was concerned enough to do a growth scan. The scan came back that Avery would be about 5 lbs something, too small, blah blah, but in the end, he came out just fine. He is a pretty slim toddler but he is tall and healthy. I was also slim and tall growing up (THE IRONY) and during pregnancy, my body just didn't get very out of control. I didn't even really show until 27 weeks. I hope that this kind of helps reassure you and will inspire you to trust in your maternal instincts because people always say that mamas just know. :) Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy! Can't wait until your little one is here!

    1. The one method measuring drives me crazy too! My body hasn't gotten out of control with pregnancy either. I am fairly certain it's just genetics and body type.

      2 weeks to go and then we can weigh him in person and prove all the doctors WRONG! lol