Friday, September 20, 2013

Baby Gear that is Dog Friendly

Our house is now fully stocked with all kinds of baby gear. I went a little overboard researching baby gear and who knows if we will use all this stuff, but here are some of the items I am most excited about.

Peg Perego Siesta High Chair:

Initially I thought it was INSANE (and still do) to pay $299 for a high chair, but we did. High chairs ended up being one of the hardest things for us to choose. The small ones that attach directly to your dining room chairs didn't work for us because of our kitchen set-up and a lot of the free standing high chairs are easily movable across a tile floor. I wanted a chair with a full recline so I could use it early on as a safe place to put the baby away from our large dog. I also needed something that wasn't going to fly across our slick floor if knocked into. We tested EVERY chair in two stores and this one was the best fit for us, except for the price. Ultimately though it came down to safety and we bought it. This kid better use this chair until he's 30. 

Mybaby Homemedics Sound Spa on the Go:

This was actually a gift from a fellow mom. It clips to the carseat, pack n' play or stroller and plays music, white noise or ocean sounds to lull your baby to sleep on the go. It was a lifesaver for her little one so she got us one to try out. We have a larger sound machine for the nursery to try to drown out some of the barking and toy squeaking from our puppy during the day, so having one for on-the-go as well makes total sense! Fingers crossed it works just as well for us. 

Only 3ish more weeks until we meet our little guy and he can start product testing! 

*None of these companies know anything about me. These were picks or gifts we got to help us be a successful dog + baby household!  

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