Thursday, September 12, 2013

35 Weeks

Had my check up today. Still no weight gain in a month now. I don't know what to tell these people. NEVER in my life have I had trouble gaining weight. They've checked the baby, he's growing fine...he's just taking all my nutrients and not leaving anything for me. Whatev. I'll try to eat more cookies. 

It's becoming quite clear that this kid is going to need a way out of me soon and my anxiety is at an all time high. My anxieties are rooted in vulnerability, humiliation, being around other people and a general fear of being "stuck" and not able to flee places. Labor and delivery pretty much sums that up in a nutshell. This is the culmination of every thing I fear and it's tough to accept that it is just going to happen. At least I get a pretty nifty prize at the end for all the suckage. Plus NJhusband promised to get me a super fancy new coffee maker for my efforts, so that's TWO pretty cool prizes. 

"Stuff" wise we are pretty much set for the baby. We've bought the essentials and a bunch of completely non-essentials. NJhusband still needs to install the carseat in the car, but that's really it. My bag and the diaper bag are packed for the hospital. 

One month to go! 

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