Sunday, August 18, 2013

Pregnancy Stuff I Couldn't Live Without

Now that I'm in the home stretch (32 weeks and counting!) I am looking back on my pregnancy and realizing there were a couple of things I could NOT have gotten through this pregnancy without. 

1 - A heating pad. With so many aches and pains my heating pad has been a trusty sidekick throughout the months. I have an AMAZING one from CVS that has a "warm" setting in addition to low, medium and high so it was perfect in the early months for cramps when I was terrified I would "cook" the baby. 

2- Mentos mints. I was (and still am!) plagued by a lovely pregnancy symptom that causes nearly everything I eat to leave a terrible aftertaste in my mouth. Mentos were the only thing that works AND didn't leave a nasty taste of their own. 

3- Old Navy maternity yoga pants. I bought these at 10 weeks but I am still wearing the same pairs and loving them. They fold over for the early months and you can fold them up in the later months. I've just hit the folding up stage and they are just as comfy. Love LOVE these. 

4- Gummy prenatal vitamins. My usual brand made me nauseous after awhile and NJhusband found these for me. They are the ONLY ones I could take daily. 

5- Hypnobabies. I will write about my experience thus far with the program in detail later, but this was recommended to me for help with my anxiety and pregnancy fears. I am NOT striving for a natural unmedicated birth, which is what the program is designed for, but I am using it for the deep relaxation and positive affirmation techniques. 

*None of these companies know who I am...I'm just loving on some products that made my life a bit easier these past weeks!

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  1. Heading pads and ON's Maternity clothes were a GODSEND when I was pregnant, as well, glad I'm not the only one who religiously turned to these items! They have the most comfortable Maternity clothes - shirts and pants alike out of any other kinds other stores sold! I actually ended up wearing my maternity sweats after I gave birth to my daughter... and for months. Totally shamelessly, lol.

    I've never heard of Hypnobabies? Might have to look that up sometime, myself. Congrats on your pregnancy, though! Life is beautiful <3

    (my URL is actually, but it didn't ask for it!)