Thursday, August 8, 2013

Cars and Trees

I live in an urban area which means parking is a pain. My husband and I have been lucky to rent spaces in a lot around the corner from where we live. NJhusband is a TOTAL car freak (like he DUSTS the outside of his every time he drives it and NEVER ever takes it out in the rain) and has a garage space and my car has been in a regular spot. 4 days ago we got a call that the tenant in the garage next to NJhusband's left and we were next on the waiting list. We JUMPED at the chance to have a garage for both our cars.

Except for 1 minor detail. I can't actually open the garage door. The door has no automatic opener and it is too heavy for a 7 month pregnant woman to lift. Once the baby is born I will be able to do it fine, but for right now every time I want to leave, I have to ask NJhusband to move the car out for me before he leaves for work. 

3 days ago I had a doctors appointment scheduled, so at 7am, NJhusband moved my car outside the garage for me. At 10am I went to leave for my appointment and found my car like this:

Apparently the tree trimmers next door were trimming a tree and dropped limb (or several) (and the adjacent fence) on my car. The entire back of the car was scratched and there is a dent on the hood. I immediately texted pictures and the contact information for the tree guys to NJhusband and by the time I was out of the doctor 20 minutes later, he had contacted them and arranged for the car to be fixed. The tree guys were nice about it and are taking care of the damage 100%. 

NJhusband will hopefully survive the trauma too. 

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