Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Breathing Again

This past week has been a tough one. The blood clot scare of last week and the waiting on pins and needles for our ultrasound this week to make sure Eli is growing properly had us holding our breaths for good news.

Today we got to breathe again. The baby is looking great and growing on track. He just seems to have a longer, leaner body type than the typical "chubby baby". I will TAKE it. He is healthy and progressing on track. Her weight guess was 4lbs, 12 oz which is happily in the normal range. Heartbeat was good at 142 beats per minute.

NJhusband and I are breathing again and have the peace of mind that our little guy is happy and healthy so far. I will be saying some very thankful prayers tonight!

Kids....they scare the HECK out of ya! Or maybe just the doctors. LOL


  1. Oh, so happy to read this!!!! And I'm glad you guys can breathe again. :)

    1. Thanks! Relief is an understatement! Hope all is going well with your little one!