Friday, August 30, 2013

Baby Shower Recap

My friends Andrea and Rebecca threw us the CUTEST baby shower a few weeks ago. It was a coed backyard BBQ. They got mason jars for everyone to drink out of and the colors were black white and teal. Everyone had a ton of fun, food and drinks (a vat of mojitos with fresh mint from our garden was a HIT with the drinking crowd) and THE cutest baby shower cake ever. We were so blessed!

The cake was red velvet on the top and a yellow cake with vanilla frosting on the bottom. It was SO good and unbelievably cute!

My favorite picture of the day was one my dad snapped of me and my mom! 

We were SO SO spoiled by our friends and family! My registries were seriously almost both wiped out. I am still not entirely sure how one tiny new person can need so much stuff, but we are fully stocked and ready for his arrival! It literally took me almost a week to open everything. (We opted not to open gifts at the shower due to my anxiety).

Our little guy is so loved already. 6 and a half weeks to go until his estimated arrival! 


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    1. It was a blast! I can't believe only a few more weeks until we can use all this stuff! lol