Friday, August 16, 2013

40 Years

I PROMISE to do a recap of my gorgeous baby shower last weekend. Unfortunately, my dad took all the pictures and promptly left on a cruise the day after so I wasn't able to download any pictures yet.

My parents left the day after my shower for a cruise to the Bahamas for their 40th wedding anniversary. They went all out for it, upgrading their cabin and package to really treat themselves. After 40 years of marriage I think they certainly deserved it! NJhusband and I haven't even hit 2 years yet and I can only hope we are blessed with 38+ more after that!

It didn't occur to me that my parents were returning this Sunday ON their actual anniversary until I looked at the calendar so I've been scrambling to get together a few surprises for them for the day. They graciously offered to stay a few extra days in NJ to help us do some final preparations for the baby so the least I can do is throw a little party for them!

Happy 40 years Mom & Dad!

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