Friday, August 30, 2013

Baby Shower Recap

My friends Andrea and Rebecca threw us the CUTEST baby shower a few weeks ago. It was a coed backyard BBQ. They got mason jars for everyone to drink out of and the colors were black white and teal. Everyone had a ton of fun, food and drinks (a vat of mojitos with fresh mint from our garden was a HIT with the drinking crowd) and THE cutest baby shower cake ever. We were so blessed!

The cake was red velvet on the top and a yellow cake with vanilla frosting on the bottom. It was SO good and unbelievably cute!

My favorite picture of the day was one my dad snapped of me and my mom! 

We were SO SO spoiled by our friends and family! My registries were seriously almost both wiped out. I am still not entirely sure how one tiny new person can need so much stuff, but we are fully stocked and ready for his arrival! It literally took me almost a week to open everything. (We opted not to open gifts at the shower due to my anxiety).

Our little guy is so loved already. 6 and a half weeks to go until his estimated arrival! 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Pediatrician- Check!

With less than 7 weeks to go now, the pressure has been on to choose a pediatrician. We weren't thrilled with the OB recommended list, so we had to do our own research. I started where any first time mom would, I asked the people at our local dog food store.

We get our dog food at an amazing local store owned by a couple with a new baby. Last time I was buying dog food I noticed that there is a pediatrician a few doors down from the store, so I inquired with the owners if they knew anything about them. They gave them a glowing review, so I looked up the office to see if they took our insurance and they did! NJhusband called and scheduled an interview and last night we took a group tour. It's a small practice, has a strong online and email presence and has general philosophy we like. I think they will be a good fit for our family. 

Things I learned from the tour: 

- The annoying guy in high school who raises his hand and asks a TON of questions never grows out of it

- New dads need something to do in these meetings and will ALL simultaneously whip out a notebook and pen and take copious amount of notes. I think NJhusband filled two pages. 

- Coming armed with a list of questions you have compiled from various baby books is great, but what will matter most is that inexplicable "vibe" you get from the place and its staff. 

SO happy to have this checked off our list!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Breathing Again

This past week has been a tough one. The blood clot scare of last week and the waiting on pins and needles for our ultrasound this week to make sure Eli is growing properly had us holding our breaths for good news.

Today we got to breathe again. The baby is looking great and growing on track. He just seems to have a longer, leaner body type than the typical "chubby baby". I will TAKE it. He is healthy and progressing on track. Her weight guess was 4lbs, 12 oz which is happily in the normal range. Heartbeat was good at 142 beats per minute.

NJhusband and I are breathing again and have the peace of mind that our little guy is happy and healthy so far. I will be saying some very thankful prayers tonight!

Kids....they scare the HECK out of ya! Or maybe just the doctors. LOL

Friday, August 23, 2013

The Unexpected

I went to my 32 week checkup yesterday expecting the appointment to be my regular 5 minute appointment where they take my blood pressure, listen to the heartbeat, measure my belly and send me on my way. 

4 hours, 1 blood test, 2 emergency vascular scans and a referral for a growth ultrasound later, I was on my way. 

My OB was concerned about some leg cramps/pain I was having so she had me head to the hospital immediately for some leg scans to check for blood clots. Thankfully the tech didn't see anything big so I am hoping the doctor that reads the scans finds nothing else.

The OB also mentioned that the baby seems to be measuring small, so we need to have another ultrasound next week to check his growth. I am so scared something is wrong with his development. Googling intrauterine grown restriction was terrifying. I feel incredible guilt for doing or not doing something to help him grow. I feel an indescribable worry. Our appointment is next Wednesday so fingers crossed I can keep it together until then. 

Any good vibes you have to send our way would be appreciated! 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Pregnancy Stuff I Couldn't Live Without

Now that I'm in the home stretch (32 weeks and counting!) I am looking back on my pregnancy and realizing there were a couple of things I could NOT have gotten through this pregnancy without. 

1 - A heating pad. With so many aches and pains my heating pad has been a trusty sidekick throughout the months. I have an AMAZING one from CVS that has a "warm" setting in addition to low, medium and high so it was perfect in the early months for cramps when I was terrified I would "cook" the baby. 

2- Mentos mints. I was (and still am!) plagued by a lovely pregnancy symptom that causes nearly everything I eat to leave a terrible aftertaste in my mouth. Mentos were the only thing that works AND didn't leave a nasty taste of their own. 

3- Old Navy maternity yoga pants. I bought these at 10 weeks but I am still wearing the same pairs and loving them. They fold over for the early months and you can fold them up in the later months. I've just hit the folding up stage and they are just as comfy. Love LOVE these. 

4- Gummy prenatal vitamins. My usual brand made me nauseous after awhile and NJhusband found these for me. They are the ONLY ones I could take daily. 

5- Hypnobabies. I will write about my experience thus far with the program in detail later, but this was recommended to me for help with my anxiety and pregnancy fears. I am NOT striving for a natural unmedicated birth, which is what the program is designed for, but I am using it for the deep relaxation and positive affirmation techniques. 

*None of these companies know who I am...I'm just loving on some products that made my life a bit easier these past weeks!

Friday, August 16, 2013

40 Years

I PROMISE to do a recap of my gorgeous baby shower last weekend. Unfortunately, my dad took all the pictures and promptly left on a cruise the day after so I wasn't able to download any pictures yet.

My parents left the day after my shower for a cruise to the Bahamas for their 40th wedding anniversary. They went all out for it, upgrading their cabin and package to really treat themselves. After 40 years of marriage I think they certainly deserved it! NJhusband and I haven't even hit 2 years yet and I can only hope we are blessed with 38+ more after that!

It didn't occur to me that my parents were returning this Sunday ON their actual anniversary until I looked at the calendar so I've been scrambling to get together a few surprises for them for the day. They graciously offered to stay a few extra days in NJ to help us do some final preparations for the baby so the least I can do is throw a little party for them!

Happy 40 years Mom & Dad!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Cars and Trees

I live in an urban area which means parking is a pain. My husband and I have been lucky to rent spaces in a lot around the corner from where we live. NJhusband is a TOTAL car freak (like he DUSTS the outside of his every time he drives it and NEVER ever takes it out in the rain) and has a garage space and my car has been in a regular spot. 4 days ago we got a call that the tenant in the garage next to NJhusband's left and we were next on the waiting list. We JUMPED at the chance to have a garage for both our cars.

Except for 1 minor detail. I can't actually open the garage door. The door has no automatic opener and it is too heavy for a 7 month pregnant woman to lift. Once the baby is born I will be able to do it fine, but for right now every time I want to leave, I have to ask NJhusband to move the car out for me before he leaves for work. 

3 days ago I had a doctors appointment scheduled, so at 7am, NJhusband moved my car outside the garage for me. At 10am I went to leave for my appointment and found my car like this:

Apparently the tree trimmers next door were trimming a tree and dropped limb (or several) (and the adjacent fence) on my car. The entire back of the car was scratched and there is a dent on the hood. I immediately texted pictures and the contact information for the tree guys to NJhusband and by the time I was out of the doctor 20 minutes later, he had contacted them and arranged for the car to be fixed. The tree guys were nice about it and are taking care of the damage 100%. 

NJhusband will hopefully survive the trauma too. 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

30 Weeks

I can't even believe I have made it to 30 weeks as I type it. I still have anxious moments thinking the worst, but I've been doing the Hypnobabies course that includes 30 minutes a day of positive affirmations and I think that has helped immensely. Anxiety-wise I still deeply miss my meds, but I have been able to be mostly functional without them. It's hard though. NJhusband and I must drive separately everywhere, as I still can't be in a car with him (or anyone) and I still get panic attacks in public places, but it's been manageable thus far. I'm still up in the air if I will go back on my meds immediately after the birth or not. The doctors are recommending that I do, but I don't want to decide one way or the other until I see how delivery goes. 

In garden news, my second crop of tomatoes has been harvested and is currently simmering away on the stove on its way to being a heavenly pasta sauce. The first harvest has already been sauced and eaten! I usually make a divine red wine sauce, but decided to go a Parmesan/basil route this year and I'm pleased with how it has turned out. Next year it's back to the red wine version though. Oh how I miss a lovely glass of wine outside on the patio during the summer. Next year....

I've been searching and SEARCHING for a photographer to take newborn pictures of our little guy after he is born and sadly I am coming up with nothing. I realize I am picky due to my photography background, but I've contacted THREE people and none have worked out. My top pick never contacted me back after my reaching out twice. Option #2 was so far out of my budget it wasn't enough funny and Option #3 I still have my fingers crossed for, but I think I am slightly out of her travel range, so she may decide not to take on the job. If the last option doesn't pan out I will likely not get pictures done and just do some myself. At least I will save money that way, but on the downside I won't be able to get any family pictures. I got SO spoiled by the fact that my college roommate, who is a professional photographer, traveled to NJ from IL to be my wedding photographer. I never had to pay East Coast prices or do research before and now I appreciate her even more! 

My babyshower is this weekend and I'm excited. Boxes have been arriving a few times a week and I can't wait to see what everyone has spoiled our little guy with! We are truly blessed!

Friday, August 2, 2013

A Good Deal Got Even Better

One of the coupon sites I frequent posted a coupon code for 50% off a large pizza at Papa Johns. NJhusband and I like their pizza and order from our local place occasionally, so last night I decided to take a night off from cooking and order pizza. A large pizza is $16 here, so $8 got knocked off our order. Yay!

When the pizza came, I noticed a note on top of the box....containing a "VIP Customer" coupon for a FREE medium pizza on our next order! 

So for $8 (not including tip!) we got 1 large pizza and will get 1 medium pizza next time. I LOVE a good deal...especially when it comes covered with cheese!