Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Nursery - After

If you recall, our nursery started off as my woman cave. After much painting by NJhusband and major furniture assembly assisted by my dad, we now have a nursery!

This is a dresser from Ikea that NJhusband cut the legs off of to make it short enough to use as a changing table. The lamp (slightly sad looking without its backordered lampshade) is from Pottery Barn Kids. 

I wasn't thrilled with the Ikea drawer pulls, so I got these beauties from Etsy. They are glass knobs in a GORGEOUS cobalt color. The picture just does NOT do them justice. 

The drapes are from Pottery Barn Kids, as is the bedding and rug. The bookcase is from Ikea. The tree decal was another Etsy purchase and though it was a labor of love to get it on the wall, we love LOVE the look. NJhusband and I REALLY wanted a second place to sit in the nursery, besides the rocker, so I decided to re-purpose the black leather ottoman that was in the room previously. I bought a navy sheet from Target that was $9.99 and NJhusband recovered it.

Bless NJhusband's heart, he painted the entire room himself and even indulged my design whim by painting these stripes on the wall. I didn't decide I wanted the white outside stripes until AFTER he had painted the blue stripe, so he had to do those individually. I love LOVE the look though. The letters are from Pottery Barn Kids. 
The room is small, so we decided to have the tree blow around the corner onto the main wall. It is SUCH a cute effect even though it literally took DAYS to attach each leaf individually on the wall!

This rocking chair was my grandmother's who died this past January. My dad lovingly sanded it and painted it for me to match the room and I love that there is something from her in the room. The bear on the shelf in the first picture is in memory of my grandfather (the bear's name is PopPop and that is what we called my grandfather). I love having these family touches in the room. 

The crib is from Babyletto and turns into a toddler bed. I loved the look and the fact that it had storage and designed the rest of the room around it. I think I had this crib bookmarked LONG before I even found out I was pregnant! 

I absolutely love this room and can't wait to bring our little guy home to it. Only 11ish more weeks to go depending on if he is early, late or somewhere in between!


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