Friday, July 26, 2013

The Name!

I am working on the nursery post and photos, but it occurred to me that I can't share pics of this little guy's nursery without sharing his name (it's in big letters on the wall), so I am happy to announce that our little guy has a name!

Eli Reid

*NJhusband would like me to point out that despite his LOVE for the NY Giants, he was not named after the quarterback. NJhusband and I had narrowed it down to Blake (his top pick) and Eli (my top pick) and we realized that every time I went to the doctor we passed a HUGE billboard for Eli Adams Jewelry and we took it as a sign that our little guy's name should be Eli. We chose an R middle name since everyone in NJhusband's family has an R first name and everyone in my family has an R middle name. If we have more children, we will continue the traditions by giving them either a middle name or first name that begins with R.

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