Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Packing my Bag

I started getting things together this week for my hospital bag. 

I need a moment for that to sink in. Hospital. Bag. 

I haven't been to the hospital since high school, when I had an unsuccessful shoulder surgery to repair a softball injury and I don't recall much of my stay.  My OB is encouraging me to pre-register and take a tour of the hospital, but so far I have procrastinated. I can't quiiiiite bring myself to believe that the little person inside me is going to need a way to come out. 

Back to my bag. So far I have a phone charger, comfy socks, flip flops, a robe, some undies, some toiletries, a hairbrush/hair tie and a toothbrush. I've read a lot of lists online, but those seem like the basic essentials. As the weeks pass, I am sure I will throw more things in.  I'd love to add one of those mini bottles of wine, but I'm thinking that would be inappropriate. 

It is strange to be packing for a trip that you have NO idea when you will take. My nephew decided he wanted to make his entrance into the world 2 months early, so fingers crossed this little guy stays in there until his expected month at least! 

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