Saturday, May 11, 2013

I Sent My Mom Socks for Mothers Day

Really! I did!

A few months ago my mom called and said that she had hung some of their laundry outside and it had gone missing. Their yard is double fenced (because they have a pool) and backs up to a steep hill and there was NO wind at all that day. She just could NOT figure out what happened to their laundry. She even went so far as to ask my dad if he had taken the laundry in (to which he replied "Nope..haven't touched laundry in 40 years"). My dad did offer to walk around the back of the house down the hill to see if he could find the missing laundry. It turns out a SQUIRREL had a nest behind the house and was dragging my mom's laundry into his hole!

So for Mother's Day this year I sent my mom a box with a card, some clothespins I decorated myself, a package of socks and a giftcard to a restaurant.

Hope the Squirrel doesn't like Applebees.

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