Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Dirt of 2 Countries

Am I the only person who washes EVERY item of clothing that was in a suitcase, regardless of wear, after a trip?  NJhusband thinks its ridiculous to wash clothes that weren't worn, but I feel like everything in there comes out smelling like suitcase if I don't.  For this reason it drives me CRAZY the way that NJhusband packs for a trip. 

Case in point: NJhusband just returned (Yay!) from a 4 day trip to St. Martin. His suitcase contained:

4 pairs of swim trunks (note: he can not swim)
8 t-shirts
3 long sleeved dress shirts
1 short sleeved dress shirt
2 polo shirts
2 tank tops
2 pairs of shorts
1 pair of khakis
2 pairs of shoes/flip flops
2 pairs white socks
1 pair dress socks
1 pair of sleeping shorts

Let me do the math for you. That is SIXTEEN shirts for 4 days. He could wear FOUR shirts a day and have enough. The MOUND of laundry I now have to do is huge, but I suppose it's a small price to pay to have him back home again. I'm glad he had the experience and I enjoyed being a bed hog for a few days, but Orion and I missed him. We kind of like seeing his face around. 

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