Tuesday, March 5, 2013


The weather has been teetering on the line where it's juuuuuust warm enough to sit outside with a blanket and I'm thrilled! Sun! Reading in my lounge chair! Meals outside! We are still expecting a snowstorm this week, so I haven't convinced NJhusband to break out the patio furniture and cushions yet, but I have brought out our lawn mat and a blanket a few days this week and just soaked up some vitamin D. Even Orion has dug up his outside toys from their winter hiding place and has been asking us to play. Poor pup has major cabin fever. There is a HUGE kennel cough outbreak in my area right now so he is on doggie daycare and dogpark lockdown until it subsides. This strain is affecting even vaccinated dogs and Orion is more susceptible to it due to his allergies and bronchial irritations. We are all going a little stir crazy. 

Come on SPRING!!!!!

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  1. We were sooo on the verge of spring and then the damn snow started last night... and it's still going (they're predicting 8-10 inches). UGH!