Monday, March 25, 2013

Some Vitamin D

I have been cooped up in this house FAR too long. I'm a social phobic hermit by nature, but I have LITERALLY only left my house one time per month these past few months for doctor's appointments, which even by my standards is ridiculous. Yesterday I threw my Winter coat on and spend most of the day out in our yard and it felt SO good. I even brought Orion's blankie outside for him and he slept outside for awhile (a major feat for him, we live in an urban area and the noise sometimes freaks him out to the point where he doesn't relax outside).NJhusband did something manly fixing our grill and I sat and read a book and looked over our plans for some new planter beds we (ok NJhusband) are building this Spring. It was a lovely day outside and I absolutely can NOT wait until we break out the patio furniture and start having meals outside again.

That will have to wait though. Our forecast today calls for 3" of snow. 

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