Monday, February 4, 2013


*We watched the Superbowl last night. Neither of us had a strong opinion on the teams, so we mostly watched for the commercials. The Taco Bell one was the only one I really loved. How crazy was the blackout in the 2nd half??

*I am in desperate need of Valentine's Day ideas for NJhusband. The funny thing is *I* couldn't care less about the holiday, but he insists on making a big deal of it. With his birthday in November and then Christmas, I'm freshly tapped out of ideas!

*Orion is getting a bath tomorrow. A LONG overdue bath. I don't understand how a dog who spends most of his time inside gets SO smelly, but this dog is ripe. 

*NJhusband and I are getting a quote on Wednesday from painters to see how much it will cost if they do the repainting we need done. We COULD paint it ourselves, but we at least want to see what the cost would be. After the month we had it would be nice to have the painting magically finished for us. LOL 


  1. I think you've mentioned before that your husband likes to cook steaks (sorry if I'm mis-remembering). My husband (also a steak lover) swears by this salt: it looks like it's out of stock for amazon prime, but I think there's another seller on there who sells it. Otherwise it looks like Crate and Barrel might carry it too. You could get a nice steak from the butcher, give him the box and have a romantic candle lit dinner for two. Just a thought. . .

  2. LOVE that idea! I'm going to hit Crate and Barrel up this week! THANK YOU!