Friday, February 15, 2013

Grocery Shopping in my Pjs

Well to be honest, I USUALLY do shop in my PJs, but I digress....

I haven't been feeling 100% lately and NJhusband tries to pick up the slack where he can, but he's a busy guy and I hate burdening him with errands (not to mention when I send him to store, even with a list, he NEVER follows it exactly and always overspends).  We needed some grocery essentials and I just wasn't feeling like I was up to a big grocery trip so I decided to try out Fresh Direct. Last night I popped on the website, picked my items and placed an order to be delivered this morning. 

I just received my order and I'm officially in LOVE. Price-wise it's comparable to shopping at the more expensive grocery store in town (though comparable to sending NJhusband) so I wouldn't use it weekly, but for times here and there when we just aren't feeling up to a grocery store run, I will absolutely order again. The one thing I DO like about it is that I can easily see what my cart is costing me and adjust it to fit my weekly budget, whereas at the grocery store I tend to just throw things in and deal with the total afterwards. It's also nice to have groceries delivered right to my door. I park my car in a lot 2 blocks away from my house, so carrying a big haul is always a challenge. 

Orion isn't a huge fan of deliveries, but once he realizes they are bringing food, I think he may warm to the idea too!

*Fresh Direct has no idea who I am. I just wanted to rave about finding yet another reason not to ever leave my house. LOL

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