Friday, December 14, 2012

Sandy - 6 Week Update

It was 6 weeks ago, but the effects of Sandy still linger on here in New Jersey.

- The grocery stores are all up and running again. My beloved Trader Joes by the waterfront finally was able to re-open 2 weeks ago.

- The gas restrictions have all been lifted and there is no longer a danger of any shortage.

- Orion's vet is still closed due to damage they sustained and will likely not open until sometime in January.

- My eye doctor had 7 feet of water in the office and has been closed since the hurricane. They are hoping to start seeing patients again next week.

- The trains are running on a very limited schedule. The main Hoboken terminal is still closed and I heard yesterday it may be 2 more months before its back to what it was. The other trains run only from 5am-10pm (more like 9:30). NJhusband says it's like having a strict curfew again. If you miss that last train, the cab fare from NYC-NJ is killer. If you can even find a cab driver willing to take you!

I think a nice Christmas gift for Mother Nature is in order. Maybe she'll be nice to us next year!

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