Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I'm a big couponer and LOVE a good deal. I try not to pay full price for anything, but I'm not extreme by any means. I don't frequent the resale stores or the Dollar Stores (there aren't any in my area anyway), but I do have a price book where I keep track of the cost of our grocery and household items so I know if a sale is truly a good sale and I do research purchase to make sure things are a good price. This time of year is GREAT for bargains and lately I've scored a few!

Around Cyber Monday Amazon was having a KILLER deal on Amazon for a Dyson. These rarely go on sale, so scoring one of these for $299 was amazeballs. I am still amazed at how my rugs look new again every time I use it.

 Some coupon queens think wearing brand name clothes is a waste and would never think of paying for a 
brand". I don't mind paying for a name if I know it's going to last or even if I just find something I LOVE. I buy clothes for myself so rarely, this is one area of our budget where I splurge a little sometimes, but I still try to look for good deals.

This year I splurged on some real Uggs for myself. I have a pair of brown boots similar to the Ugg style, but I have always coveted a pair of REAL Uggs. I finally broke down and got myself a classic black pair.

I'm a housewife and rarely get out of my PJs, but one of my New Years Resolutions for next year is going to be to try to step it up a bit for NJhusband. There is a difference between yoga pants and a baggy sweatshirt and yoga pants with a fitted sweater. Way back in my High School softball days, I ripped a rotator cuff and had an unsuccessful repair surgery. My shoulder still gives me trouble and pulling shirts over my head is difficult, so I have become OBSESSED with cardigan sweaters. EVERY year my mom asks me what I want for Christmas and I always tell her cardigans. 

LOFT had a 50% off sale so I snagged these two for $22.25 each. Yay! 

I wear NJhusband's down vest a LOT. So much so that whenever he is home and wants to wear it I am bummed. I was paging through a Land's End catalog that came and fell in LOVE with this one. I waited and waited for a sale and finally they had a coupon code for 40% off one item. I paid $29.40 for this one and wear it ALL the time. 

Anyone else score any good deals in the past few months?

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