Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Year 1

NJhusband and I celebrated our first year of marriage on Monday.  He took the day off of work and we spent a lazy morning in bed (he made chocolate chip pancakes!) watching a Kitchen Nightmares marathon. Later he picked up our wedding cake replica (we had eaten the top portion you traditionally save back in January) and we took a walk to our local liquor store for some champagne. We topped the night of with ordering in Italian food and watching "Think Like a Man" onDemand, which was hilarious.

We lit our unity candle, just like our wedding vows said and talked about our favorite parts of the wedding and first year (the food, getting our puppy) and our least favorites (snowstorms and hurricanes). I meant to get out our wedding album and go through it, but we forgot.

I hope year 2 brings us a baby, an even better understanding of each other and more of that REALLY good cake.

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