Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Recap

We started the day off celebrating NJhusband's birthday. I made cinnamon rolls (from the can...sorry dude I couldn't imagine cooking another thing from scratch on Thanksgiving day) and gave him his presents. He was thankful for the practical PJs, but FLIPPED about the remote control helicopter I got him. He had been wanting one, but those things aren't cheap but I found a KILLER deal on Amazon (regular price $120 marked down to $20!) so I snatched it up for him using my Swagbucks.

His birthday quickly turned into "cook a turkey" time and he spent the better part of his afternoon rubbing, basting and monitoring our first turkey. Dinner turned out amazing and I'm enjoying the leftovers as much as I did the day of!

Here is our table:
*tablecloth from Etsy, candlesticks from our wedding (were clear, I spray painted them black for a more vintage/goth feel, silver napkin rings were a wedding present and our napkins are Bed Bath & Beyond*

After dinner we stuffed ourselves with birthday cake and a chocolate bourbon pecan pie (can you say OMG) and Thanksgiving claimed its first sleepy victim:

All in all, it was a pretty great day. Also, stuffing smothered in leftover cranberry sauce...amazeballs.

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