Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My Christmas Wishlist

All I really want for Christmas is to see those two lines on a pregnancy test, but since I have no control over that, I thought I'd list a share a few other things on my holiday wishlist:

I saw Burberry Body perfume in a magazine recently and once I broke the seal on the sample I knew I had to have it. It is pricey, but I just love LOVED the scent.

I have a beloved old school Nook that I do NOT want to get rid of, but sadly it has gotten glitchy lately and freezes every 10 pages or so. I've tried every fix google has to offer, but nothing has worked. I go back and forth on wanting a new Nook since my old one does work, but if I were to get a new one, the HD version is the way I'd go. I think you can watch Netflix on it too! Love.

Being a stay at home wife means I don't have a need to dress up (or really even dress!) much. I stay in my yoga pants and t-shirts FAR FAR too often. I really want to try and step it up at least a little for my husband so I'd love some cardigans like this one from Athleta. Actually almost ANYTHING at Athleta would be on my list! I heart that store!

What is on YOUR list??

*None of these companies know anything about me. I just wanted to share my holiday list and hope that my husband would take note. LOL


  1. Love the cardigan! Hope he pays attention and gets you your wishes!

  2. Ooh, thumbs UP on the Burberry! That, paired with an Athleta cardigan would make feel like the most glamorous housewife. As they say on Babycenter, sending you babydust this Christmas, too. :) (Horatio will make an appearance soon! He got ravaged today by the baby, the dog, and the cat. Poor, H. He's got a rough life. :D)