Friday, November 2, 2012

Hurricane Sandy NJ Update

Thankfully NJhusband and I got through the hurricane with no damage or flooding to our home or cars.  We did have to spend a few days clearing up branches and debris from the yard and we will need to address with our neighbor a tree of theirs that fell on our fence, but aside from that we are fine.  Cell service in our area got knocked out and we are still waiting for that to be restored but these are only minor inconveniences compared to others.

There is a major gas shortage in our area, there is no trash or recycling pick-up, mail delivery is suspended and the stores shelves are bare. My local grocery store was out of nearly EVERYTHING except ice cream. The area surrounding us was not so lucky. Many of the stores and places we frequent are flooded or damaged. Our NJ Path (the NJ version of the subway) is closed indefinitely.

I definitely learned some things about our personal disaster preparedness. We need a battery or crank radio. We should have bought or made more non-perishable food and taken cash out from the bank. We will likely buy a generator in the coming months. Things we did right: stocked up on dog food (thankfully! He eats special food and the store we get it from flooded!)and water, had flashlights distributed throughout the house, checked on elderly neighbors and having a landline phone which ended up being our ONLY means of communication for awhile.

What did you do right and what would you do differently?

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