Friday, November 30, 2012


There were many adjustments NJhusband and I had to make when we first started living together, but our biggest ones were in the kitchen. I don't eat red meat or fish and NJhusband has a few food allergies/intolerances so we each had to learn some new "rules" of food prep. Neither of us wanted the other to give up foods the other loved (his allergic reactions are skin-based not respiratory so contamination would likely not be life threatening in his specific case), so I agreed to steak in my fridge and he allowed a jar of peanut butter on his shelf. That was 2.5 years ago and until recently, we had no problems with our steak and peanut butter existence.

Incident #1: NJhusband loves a good steak.  He always makes it the same way, with a salt, pepper and minced garlic rub. The other day I walked into the kitchen just in time to see him DOUBLE DIP his spoon into my jar of minced garlic and smear it over his raw steak. Eeeew! I shrieked and got completely grossed out at the thought of steak juices mingling with my garlic! Needless to say, NJhusband has learned his lesson and will NOT be doing that again!

Incident #2: This morning while I was making myself a PB&J for breakfast I double dipped the spoon in the jelly AFTER I had put the peanut butter on my bread. That is a major NO NO in this house, due to NJhusband's nut allergy. I will now have to label the jelly jar as contaminated and for my use only. I caught myself immediately after doing it, but I still feel terrible that something I did could make him sick.

I think we each need to brush up on our food contamination skills. I think a Kitchen Nightmares, Heath Inspectors, Restaurant Impossible marathon is in order.

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