Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Day in the Life

Sometimes I wonder what on earth it is that I do all day so I decided to take inventory of my day.

6am: NJhusband's alarm goes off. He gets up and lets Orion out. I scroll through my email on my phone.
6:30am: Orion gets his breakfast.
7am: NJhusband leaves for work. Orion and I go back to sleep.
8:30am: Orion decides we have slept enough and comes to my side of the bed and whines in my face until I wake up
8:45am: Grab breakfast, try to convince Orion not to breathe on my plate or steal it.
9am: Watch Jingit ads for money, get my daily Swagbucks points, read through my rss feeder, enter giveaways, make my grocery list and match up the ads/coupons, search for coupons online & print.
10am: Yell at Orion for completely LOSING HIS MIND at the mailman delivering our mail. Sort the mail and shred the junk mail.
10:15: shower/dress/freshen
11am: Let Orion out to run in the backyard.
11:15am Leave for therapy
11:15-12pm: Call my bff on the drive and have girl talk.
12-1: Therapy: Talk about how adoption, social awkwardness in junior high, stubbornness and a completely irrational fear of throwing up in public contribute to my anxiety and panic attacks around other people.
1pm-1:45: Call my husband using the built-in bluetooth in my car, recap therapy and thank him for the millionth time for telling me to buy the model of my car that has the bluetooth feature that I swore I would never use and now can NOT live without.
1:45-4: Run errands. On the days I don't have errands I watch Greys Anatomy episodes on Netflix and cuddle with Orion.
4-5: Orion's witching hour where he wants to play, run outside and chase squirrels.
5pm: unload dishwasher, find all the plates and cups I've used throughout the day and load the dishwasher. start dinner, tidy the house a bit
6:45pm: NJhusband arrives home! Try to get to him before Orion jumps all over him. Lose the battle and patiently wait my turn to greet my husband.
7pm: Sit down to dinner. Try to teach Orion that we want him to quietly lay on the rug beside the table while we are eating and not stand and put his head on the table, drool and softly whine.
7:01pm: Give up and feed Orion so he will stop whining, even though his "usually dinnertime" is 7:15.
7:05pm: Finish my own dinner
7:30pm: Clean the kitchen, get NJhusband's lunch for the next day together, start the dishwasher.
8pm-11:45pm: NJhusband and I play with Orion, watch TV or movies and just try to spend time together.
11:45pm: Let Orion outside before bed.
12am: Orion comes in, gets his "night night" bone and we all go to bed.
12am-6am: Toss, turn and attempt sleep. I am the worlds worst sleeper and both NJhusband and Orion snore so this is no easy task.

Then repeat!

Next up I'll recap Orion's day! lol

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