Thursday, October 11, 2012

The 2 Yes 1 No Rule of Health Care?

I recently decided to cheat on my switch therapists. I exhaustively researched credentials, health insurance coverage and convenient locations and chose a woman who specializes in cognitive behavior therapy. I've had several appointments already and was feeling empowered that I was trying something new to try to beat this anxiety into submission.

Until I got the bill.

My insurance company says they aren't covering my appointments at all. My doctor says she is covered by my health insurance plan. The insurance company website says my doctor is covered by my specific insurance plan, customer service says she is an in-network doctor. but the BILLING people say she is not  covered.


I've been on the phone navigating this one for awhile. The only advice I got was that they will put it through the system again and "we will see what happens".

Bonus: this gem from the conversation:

Customer Service: It says here you have other insurance that would cover this appointment.
Me: Hmm. No. I only have insurance through you.
Customer Service: If you just give me that info, we can send this claim along to to them and they will cover it.
Me: I don't have any other insurance coverage. Does it say what other insurance I supposedly have?
Customer Service: We don't have that information. You have to call your other insurance company and ask them for the info.
Me: I don't have any other insurance. You are my ONLY insurance.
Customer Service: Uhh....

Health care in America 2012.

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