Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Widsom Teeth Extraction Update

Day 4 post-wisdom teeth (plus 2) extraction!

My appointment last week was ROUGH. I have terrible dentist anxiety and so when I walked into the office, I was already in tears out of fear. Keep in mind, the dental practice I go to specializes in anxiety patients, so it would appear that they deal with this often.

They take me back to the oral surgeon and I'm still in tears. I sit down and the surgeon walks in and asks me what teeth he is taking out. He doesn't have my file or any info on me at all. I can barely answer so he yells for his nurse so he can find out. Red flag #1 but I figure he's a busy guy who just didn't have time to look at the file before my appt.

He asks me if I'm cold and I say no (I'm wearing a bulky sweatshirt) so he asks me if I want to take it off. I start to say yes and then he yanks my arm, says "nevermind keep it on" and just pulls ups the sleeves and starts to prep for the IV. Red flag #2 but ok he just has no bedside manner.

I'm starting to feel REALLY uneasy at this point so he snaps to my husband to come hold my hand. He starts to put the tourniquet on and I ask him not to touch me for a second so I can just collect myself (I'm terrified of needles) and he YELLS at me that he isn't doing anything he's JUST LOOKING and then the asshat goes and STICKS ME! I get that he is just trying to knock me out so I stop panicking, but dude if I chick tells you not to touch her for a second, it's time for HANDS OFF. I feel incredibly upset at this point, but it's short-lived because I'm then knocked out.

Now remember, this practice specializes in patients with dental anxiety. (It's in the NAME of the practice even). Even if he hadn't read my file, my behavior in the few minutes he saw me would clearly indicate I have issues with medical procedures. So why WHY on earth did he WAKE ME UP before he was 100% finished working in my mouth! I can't for sure say at what part of the procedure I woke up in, but I know that he was still working in my mouth when I came out of anesthesia and I proceeded to COMPLETELY freak out and start moaning and flailing thinking I'm awake during the procedure.  Afterwards I remember telling him I woke up in the middle and hearing my husband behind me start to get irate at him, but the Dr told my husband it was at the end and he was "mostly done". In reality, he probably was just cleaning up and putting the gauze in, but seriously. He could have waited the 2 minutes until he was out of my mouth. You have no sense of time under anesthesia and it was absolute terror for a few minutes until I became fully aware of it all.

Thankfully it's over now. I'm still experiencing pain and have found the wonder of alternating Advil and Tylenol to be the ONLY thing that works. It works even better than the Vicodin they gave me. I still have some swelling and I'm slightly concerned that my chin is still numb, but hopefully when I go back to Dr. Evil on Thursday for the follow-up everything will look fine and I will never have to see this guy again! (I called yesterday to ask if there was ANY other doctor I could see for my follow-up, but they said it had to be him. Sigh).

I just want this whole ordeal to be over so we can get back on the Trying to Conceive train! I need some other work done, but my regular dentist said it shouldn't interfere with that.

*speaking of my regular dentist, he is at this same practice and I LOVE him, but I don't know if I can keep going back there. Would you go back??

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Freaking. Out

Today is oral surgery day. I have been a bundle of nerves for days, but today I am an absolute basket case. I can't even pinpoint the exact fear really. I guess it's a fear of the pain and the unknown (and that pesky IV). Completely normal concerns, but for me I take them to a debilitating level. I've been shaking and crying this morning, unable to even drive to my therapy appointment. I don't know how to deal with the next 6 hours before my appointment.

I have been battling anxiety disorder for well over a decade. When am I ever going to get better?

Monday, October 15, 2012


Alternate title "My Dentist is Taking His Wife to Hawaii".

When you are trying to conceive, your doctor tells you to make sure you hit up the dentist before getting pregnant because dental issues can cause problems with pregnancy. I LOATHE going to the dentist and have admittedly  avoided it for YEARS. I have been experiencing some pain and want to have a healthy baby at some point, so today I took the plunge and went. 

I honestly can not tell you if the pain and anxiety of going to the appointment is better or worse than the feeling you get when they tell you how much it will cost. I knew it would be a lot, but I was blown away by what I need done and what it will cost (and that's AFTER the insurance pays their part...and I have good insurance!). 

So off I go on Thursday to get 2 teeth pulled and my 3 remaining wisdom teeth out. All I can say is that I GLADLY pay the extra out-of-pocket fee for the sedation. Knock me out and wake me when it's over please! 

I spoke with my doctor on how long this will take me out of the baby making game and he hopes that if I just take this month off while I let the antibiotics work their magic and get the infected tooth out, I can get back in the game next month. I'm sad to have to take this hiatus, but I'm hoping  knocking this infection out and getting my pearly whites healthy will help kick my body into gear. 

If you need me, I'll be eating mashed potatoes and applesauce for the next week or so. Blah.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The 2 Yes 1 No Rule of Health Care?

I recently decided to cheat on my switch therapists. I exhaustively researched credentials, health insurance coverage and convenient locations and chose a woman who specializes in cognitive behavior therapy. I've had several appointments already and was feeling empowered that I was trying something new to try to beat this anxiety into submission.

Until I got the bill.

My insurance company says they aren't covering my appointments at all. My doctor says she is covered by my health insurance plan. The insurance company website says my doctor is covered by my specific insurance plan, customer service says she is an in-network doctor. but the BILLING people say she is not  covered.


I've been on the phone navigating this one for awhile. The only advice I got was that they will put it through the system again and "we will see what happens".

Bonus: this gem from the conversation:

Customer Service: It says here you have other insurance that would cover this appointment.
Me: Hmm. No. I only have insurance through you.
Customer Service: If you just give me that info, we can send this claim along to to them and they will cover it.
Me: I don't have any other insurance coverage. Does it say what other insurance I supposedly have?
Customer Service: We don't have that information. You have to call your other insurance company and ask them for the info.
Me: I don't have any other insurance. You are my ONLY insurance.
Customer Service: Uhh....

Health care in America 2012.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Big Fat Negative

We've only been trying to conceive a relatively short time, and admittedly faith and hope are NOT a strong suit of mine, but as the months go by it gets harder and harder to see those negative tests, especially when those closest to you are getting their positive ones.

I feel defective and left out. I'm scared I won't be able to do this for my husband and he'll be disappointed. I know there is nothing else I can do but what I'm doing, but I have to say that the road to having a baby just SUCKS.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Who Needs a Contractor

You may recall that recently we did a major HVAC renovation. A renovation that is still not 100% complete because our contractor has disappeared. Despite the fact that we still owe him money for work he has already done, he is not returning our calls. I'm happy to pay him, but he would need to you know, CALL ME BACK or show up in order for that to happen.

NJhusband and I noticed that ever since they "fixed" our hot water problem, we no longer get hot water to our kitchen sink unless we first turn on the faucet in the bathroom. We had a consultation with a plumber who diagnosed the problem as a bad kitchen faucet that needed to be entirely replaced. So we start looking at faucets and are BLOWN AWAY that they are like $300-$600! Um no thank you I'll just go turn on the bathroom sink every time I want to wash dishes. NJhusband found a great clearance deal for $120, but still I wasn't 100% convinced I trusted the plumber's diagnosis and was NOT going to spend $120 on a non-returnable faucet just to discover that it wasn't the faucet causing the problem afterall so I dug out the tools and started taking things apart. After 15 minutes I discovered the issue is that the aerator to the faucet is clogged. 

I went and bought a new one at Home Depot for $2.98. I now have hot water to the kitchen sink AND my water pressure can now practically run hydraulics. 

Win Win.