Friday, September 14, 2012

Fix It-gate 2012

For the past several winters NJhusband and I have had issues with our heating system/hot water. The issue being, we didn't have any. One person could get a hot shower a day, as long as you didn't run the dishwasher, washing machine or have the heat on that day. As the person who wakes up second in the household, I was never the recipient of the hot shower. Every year we would suffer through the winter and then have cold shower amnesia and decide it "wasn't that bad" and not get it fixed in the (cheaper) off season. Finally this summer we decided to do it. We got several quotes, did a ton of research and chose a contractor. 

Then came the list of "other" stuff. We've always wanted 2 more outlets about a water spigot...our ceiling fan doesn't work, why don't we get a new motor for the whirlpool tub, the roof needs a new drain, the hot water to the washing machine doesn't work. The list seemed to grow daily. We got a bid for it all and decided to dive in and just get it all done. We signed the paperwork, scheduled a day to do it, put the dog in daycare for the day and were ready.

Construction day came. They broke the light switch in my bedroom. Bought a replacement that didn't match the existing switches. The plumber disappeared after 3 hours and was never heard from again. A HUGE deep scratch appeared on my kitchen table. I considered kicking them all out and buying blankets and a kettle. 

By the end of day 1 (it was supposed to be a 1 day job). I had one outlet and the new tank had been 10 hours and NO water. In order to get us water, they had to lug the OLD tank back in the house and hook it up, only when they did that, it didn't work. Finally we settled on having water, but no hot water. 

Day 2. Dog has to go BACK to daycare. Supposedly fired plumber from Day 1 shows up again. NJhusband stays home from work and guards the door so nobody mysteriously leaves. By the end of the day everything works and everything except for the roof is done. They knock off half the cost of my table for the scratch. They DO charge us for the replacement switch that THEY broke, but by that time I just want them out of my house so fine whatever. 

They SERIOUSLY need to consider putting construction projects in the marriage vows somewhere. 

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